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Centrifuge TRC-605

Centrifuge TRC-605

Centrifuge TRC-605is a microprocessor controller device with a DC Brushless motor system. It is equipped with a Strong Plastic case with a LED display. The display shows the speed of 4000 RPM and RCF of 1780×g with a timer 0 to 99min. it is equipped with a mechanical door lock with an Error code display, speed up and down adjustment.


Maximum RPM 4000 RPM, stainless speed adjustment, LED display speed, and timer
Maximum RCF 1780×g
Timer 0 to 99min
Rotor Capacity Angle rotor 15ml /10ml×8
Voltage 110V 60Hz /220V 50Hz
Dimension 280×250×240 mm
Weight 7 kg

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Centrifuge TRC-605

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Various laboratories separate fluids, gases, or liquids based on density. In research and clinical laboratories, centrifuges are often used for cell, organelle, virus, protein, and nucleic acid purification.


  • A microprocessor, a DC brushless motor, an LED speed display, and a timer are all part of the sturdy plastic construction
  • Having an alert system for over speed and lack of balance
  • It includes a mechanical door lock
  • Shows error code display, speed up and speed down adjustment
  • It is employed in PRP and PPP
  • suitable for straightforwardly centrifuging the 10 ml syringe