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Analytical Balance TRAB-604

Analytical Balance TRAB-604

Analytical Balance TRAB-604is a fully automatic, internal calibration device with a completely transparent glass windshield. It has a huge backlit LCD, which improves the operator's visibility. It can weigh up to 310 g from 0 and has a minimum reading of 0.001 g. It is a faster and much more reliable device.


Weighing Range 0 to 310 g
Minimum Reading 0.001g
Scale Interval 1 mg
Repeatability Error 0.001 g
Linear Error ±0.002 g
Pan Size Φ90 mm
Output Interface Rs232C
Power 220V+22V/-33V, 50Hz
Size 330×215×350 mm
Weight 5.5 Kg

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Analytical balances are precision measuring instruments that are used in quantitative chemical analysis to determine the mass of solids, liquids, powders, and granular substances.


  • It has humanized design, novel structure, and 5 fully transparent glass windshield surfaces
  • With the piece, unit conversion, full-range peel, zero tracking, and other features such as multi-functionality, simple and dependable operation
  • Includes an RS232C output interface that can be directly connected to a computer, printer, another device
  • It employs a double CAM experiment with a fully automatic internal calibration function, which increases its stability and speed
  • The Balance includes applications such as preheating, calibration, screen saver, and others
  • The large backlit LCD screen improves the operator's vision by making it more soft and clear