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3D Shaker TRDS-602

3D Shaker TRDS-602

3D Shaker TRDS-602is manageable with a variety of supports and fittings. It has a dual LCD screen that displays the time and speed separately. A DC motor with a maximum speed of 10 to 70 rpm and a working temperature of 5 to 40 °C. Controls the mechanism. It can be used with a timer or in continuous operation mode. It is accomplished by supporting an extremely heavy.


Angle of Inclination 10°
Speed Range   10 to70rpm
Working Temperature 5 to 40℃,
Moisture 0.8
Maximum Load 5kg
Speed Indicator LCD
Timer Indicator LCD
Time Range     1 min to 19h59min
Voltage    100 to 240V, 50/60Hz
Power    50W
Weight    9kg
Operation Model   Time set, continuous operation
Motor Type  DC motor
Dimension  (L×W×H) 425×355×180mm
Data Access   RS232

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3D Shaker TRDS-602

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Used for cell culture cultivation, DANN extractions, cell distribution, and cell staining and distaining in flasks, culture flasks, Petri dishes, and tubes.


  • The mechanism is performed by a DC motor control
  • It has a maximum load-bearing weight capability
  • Presented with a double LCD screen, it shows display time and speeds separately
  • Making an available variety of brackets and fixtures are available
  • It can be used with a timer or in continuous operation mode
  • The mechanism is controlled by a DC motor control